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The Okinawan Festival is one of the most fun and beautiful Honolulu Events taking place near our Waikiki Hotel during August – and it’s one of the top Honolulu Activities for families staying at Ambassador Hotel.

August 30, 2014 to August 31, 2014
Kapiolani Park | 2748 Monsarrat Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815

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About the Okinawan Festival:
This year marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most successful Honolulu Events – the Okinawan Festival. Since its debut at Ala Moana Park’s McCoy Pavilion, this fun Festival has grown into a gathering of more than 50,000 people from all around the world, taking more than 2,000 volunteers to pull off all of the exciting Honolulu Activities at the Festival.

The grand Okinawan Festival appropriately takes place at Waikiki’s biggest and grandest park – located just minutes from our Waikiki Hotel. It offers a full day of entertainment and culture, for kids and adults, that you’re sure to enjoy when you’re looking for Honolulu Activities for the entire family. Like many aspects of Hawaii, the Festival came from humble beginnings and evolved into a glorious display of community, beauty, and reverence for life.

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Why you should watch the Okinawan Festival:
The Okinawan Festival is one of the Honolulu Events that are truly appreciated by Hawaii locals and tourists alike. The earliest Okinawan Festival started as a cultural program initiated and organized by Hui O Laulima, an Okinawan women’s group. Their goal was to share the Okinawan culture with the public through exciting exhibitions and demonstrations. Hui O Laulima’s first “Cultural Jubilee” was held at the Ala Moana Hotel in 1971.

Since the first Festival, the Okinawan Festival has become the premier annual Event of the Hawaii United Okinawa Association, who co-sponsors the Event. Proceeds go to the preservation and promotion of the Okinawan culture, and you benefit by enjoying an Arts and Crafts gallery, and Cultural Tent, delicious specialty food and drink, a Country Store, a potted plant and flower sale, children’s games, and so much more!

Interesting information about  the Okinawan Festival:

  • During the planning of the first Okinawan Festival, news quickly spread back to Okinawa, and the Okinawan government assembled a troupe of authentic dance masters to perform in Hawaii, in conjunction with the Jubilee.
  • The Okinawan Festival brought in new programs and more people with each passing year. Thus, a new venue was needed – several times in a row! The Honolulu Event finally arrived in its present location – at Kapiolani Park – with space for all Hawaii residents and visitors.

Location and contact information for the Okinawan Festival:
The Okinawan Festival takes place at Kapiolani Park | 2748 Monsarrat Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815. Tel: 808.676.5400.

Check RatesMake Reservations or call: 808-941-7777.

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