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Kimukatsu is a popular Waikiki Restaurant specializing in traditional Japanese Cuisine - located close to the Ambassador Hotel - A Honolulu Hotel.

320 Lewers Street Honolulu, HI 98615

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Cuisine: Japanese
Price: $$
Reservations: Taken
Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

About Kimukatsu:
Wish you could walk to some of the top Waikiki Restaurants from you Honolulu Hotel? That is one of many benefits of choosing Ambassador Hotel - A Honolulu Hotel for your next visit to Oahu. Our Honolulu Hotel is a short walk to top Attractions, including the world-famous Waikiki Beach. We’re also close to several Restaurants, including Kimukatsu.

In Japan there is a chain of Restaurants that sell delicious pork cutlets called Katsu. The name of that Restaurant chain is Kimukatsu. Now, visitors to Hawaii can experience this taste of Japan while staying at Ambassador Hotel - A Honolulu Hotel. Kimukatsu now has a Waikiki Restaurant, and they feature the same pork cutlets that they made famous in Japan.

To someone who has never had this juicy delight, it can be difficult to describe. This is not the pork cutlet many remember from the middle school lunch room. Instead, this is a flaky, crispy, tender, delicious food. Kimukatsu starts with the highest quality cuts of pork. The pork is sliced into paper thin layers and then stacked 25 layers high. Then the meat is breaded with a crispy coating and fried.

The original is perfect for those who prefer things simple, but this Waikiki Restaurant also offers several flavors of their pork cutlets. Cheese, garlic and black pepper are some of the most popular choices. A list of appetizers including Shrimp Spring Roll, Edamame and Negi Tofu are a great way to start off the meal before diving into to one of the pork cutlets, or a special plate that includes Miso Soup, Cabbage Salad and a Japanese Pickle.

The desserts are delicious and unique. Black Sesame Pudding and fabulously refreshing Green Tea Ice Cream are two of the dessert options at Kimukatsu.

Kimukatsu is a perfect choice if you want to try Katsu for the first time, or if you have loved it for years. Be sure to visit this Waikiki Restaurant during your next stay at Ambassador Hotel - A Honolulu Hotel.

Notes for Dining at Kimukatsu:

  • Go on the last Friday of the month which the owners have dubbed Good Meat Day. They offer impressive discounts on this day.
  • Try a variety of sauces to find which suits you best.
  • The only parking available is on the street, so get there a little early if you have a reservation.

Check RatesMake Reservations or call: 808-941-7777.

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