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Honolulu Activities | Oahu Things to Do FAQs

Honolulu Activities | Oahu Things to Do FAQs

Guests planning a stay our Waikiki Hotel often have questions about Honolulu Activities and other Oahu Things to Do. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Things to do in Honolulu.

If you’re planning a stay at Ambassador Hotel then you will want to learn about the many Oahu Things to Do located nearby. A good place to start is this list of some of the most frequently asked questions about Honolulu Activities near Waikiki Hotels. You can also view our Oahu Visitors Guide or Contact Us with additional questions.

Q: Oahu Things to Do: We are staying at Ambassador Hotel soon. Could you give us some ideas of the Honolulu Activities that are available near your Waikiki Hotel?
A: You’ll find many Oahu Things to do near Waikiki Hotels. Guests at Ambassador Hotel are within walking distance of Waikiki Beach where a number of Honolulu Activities like swimming, surfing and canoeing are available. Other nearby Activities include hiking, whale watching excursions, Shopping, visiting Museums and historical sites like Pearl Harbor and much more.

Q: Honolulu Activities: Are there many Oahu Things to Do for children near Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel?
A: Yes! There are many Honolulu Activities for children near Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel. Many top Oahu Things to Do like surfing and hiking are available to children. Visiting Attractions like the Children’s Discovery Center, Waikiki Aquarium, Sea Life Park, the Honolulu Zoo, and Plantation Village is another great choice for young guests at our Waikiki Hotel.

Q: We’ve read about the many Honolulu Activities available at Waikiki Beach. Are these Oahu Things to Do near Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel?
A: All of the Oahu Things to do at Waikiki Beach are located very close to our Waikiki HotelAmbassador Hotel is just a short walk to Waikiki Beach where you can enjoy swimming, surfing and many other Honolulu Activities.

Q: Is visiting local Museums a popular Honolulu Activity? What are some of the Museums located near Hotels in Waikiki?
A: Yes! Visiting Museums is a popular Honolulu Activity near Waikiki Hotels, and there are Museums to suit every interest. Some of the Museums near Ambassador Hotel are the Mission House Museums, Bishop Museum, Honolulu Museum of Art, Tropic Lightning Museum, and the Pacific Aviation Museum of Pearl Harbor.

Q: We know surfing is a popular Oahu Thing to Do, but we have no surf experience. Are there surf schools near Waikiki Hotels that could help us to enjoy this Honolulu Activity?
A: Absolutely! Surfing is one of the most popular Oahu Things to Do near Waikiki Hotels, and you do not need any prior experience to enjoy this fun and exciting Honolulu Activity. Surf schools near Ambassador Hotel can help you learn to catch your first wave in just one lesson. Learn more about Surfing Lessons.

Q: We’ve heard that attending a luau is a can’t-miss Oahu Thing to Do. Could you recommend some places near Waikiki Hotel to enjoy this Honolulu Activity?
A: You are right! Attending a luau IS a can’t-miss Oahu Thing to Do. Many places offer the chance to enjoy this Honolulu Activity near Honolulu Hotels. Two of the many popular spots that offer fabulous Hawaiian Luaus are Paradise Cove and the Polynesian Cultural Center. If you have never attended a Hawaiian luau then be sure to add it to your itinerary during your stay at Ambassador Hotel.

Q: We have booked a room at Ambassador Hotel, and we chose your hotel because it is so close to Waikiki Beach. Could you recommend some Honolulu Activities that we could enjoy at Waikiki Beach?
A: Waikiki Beach is a wonderful place to enjoy some of the popular Honolulu Activities near Waikiki Hotels. Some guests at Ambassador Hotel are surprised to learn that surfing – one of the most popular Oahu Things to Do – is a Honolulu Activity that anyone can enjoy! Surf schools for beginners will have you riding that first wave in no time. Waikiki Beach is also a perfect spot for swimming, kayaking and many other fun Activities in Honolulu.

Q: Is Shopping a popular Honolulu Activity? If so, please recommend some popular Shopping venues near Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel.
A: Shopping is a hugely popular Honolulu Activity near Waikiki Hotels. Guests at Ambassador Hotel will be close to wonderful Shopping venues including Ala Moana Shopping Center, Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, Antique Alley, Waikele Premium Outlets, Maunakea Marketplace, Ward Entertainment Center and many more! View our Oahu Shopping Guide.

Q: Oahu Things to Do: We’d like to enjoy a whale watch during our stay at Ambassador Hotel. What is the best time of year to enjoy this Honolulu Activity?
A: Participating in a whale watch excursion is a popular Oahu Thing to Do near Waikiki Hotels. The best time of year to enjoy this Honolulu Activity is from winter through early spring as this is when Humpback Whales can be seen frolicking off the coast of Oahu.

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