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Honolulu Attractions | Oahu Museums FAQs

Honolulu Attractions | Oahu Museums FAQs

Oahu Museums are popular Honolulu Attractions near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel. Here are some of the most often asked questions about Oahu Museums.

Visiting popular Museums is a popular Oahu Thing to Do near Oahu Hotels. These Honolulu Attractions include options about history, science, local culture and more. If you’re planning a stay at our Oahu Hotel then read through these frequently asked questions as you plan your itinerary for your stay at Ambassador Hotel. Planning a visit? View our Current Special Offers.

Q: Oahu Things to Do: Are there many Honolulu Attractions near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel? We are particularly interested in Museums in Honolulu
A: Yes! You will find many Honolulu Attractions near Oahu Hotels. While many say the most popular Oahu Things to Do can be found at Waikiki Beach, just a short walk from Ambassador Hotel, there are also many Museums located nearby. A few examples of the Museums near Oahu Hotels are the Bishop Museum, Mission House Museum, Honolulu Museum of Art and Pacific Aviation Museum of Pearl Harbor. Another popular choice is Plantation Village which is a living history museum.

Q: Honolulu Attractions: We are putting together our itinerary of Oahu Things to Do for our upcoming stay at Ambassador Hotel. Are there any kid-friendly Museums near Oahu Hotels?
A: Visiting Museums near Oahu Hotels is a popular Oahu Thing to Do. Many of these Honolulu Attractions hold particular appeal to children. Examples of kid-friendly Oahu Museums are Plantation Village, Sea Life Park, Children’s Discovery Center, Waikiki Aquarium, and the Dole Plantation. Read this article that features more ideas about Kid-Friendly Things to Do on Oahu.

Q: We are planning a stay at Ambassador Hotel. Can you recommend Honolulu Attractions near Oahu Hotels for history buffs?
A: History buffs will find many Honolulu Attractions near Oahu Hotels that they will enjoy. Of course, Pearl Harbor is just a short drive from Ambassador Hotel. Visiting the sites associated with Pearl Harbor is a top Oahu Thing to Do. The Mission House Museum, Tropic Lightning Museum, Plantation Village, and the Pacific Aviation Museum of Pearl Harbor are a few of the Honolulu Attractions near Ambassador Hotel that history buffs will love.

Q: Oahu Things to Do: We are interested in learning about Polynesian culture during our stay at Ambassador Hotel. Can you recommend a Honolulu Attraction near Oahu Hotels that might interest us?
A: The Polynesian Cultural Center is a Honolulu Attraction that teaches visitors about the cultures of 6 different nations. A visit to this Attraction is a popular Oahu Thing to Do, and it is a must for any visitors of Oahu Hotels that want to learn more about Polynesian culture. Learn more about the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Q: Honolulu Attractions: Is there a living history Museum near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel?
A: Yes! Plantation Village is a chance to visit historical homes and see what life was like on an Oahu sugar plantation the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This popular Honolulu Attraction near Oahu Hotels is a hit with visitors of all ages.

Q: We won’t have much time to explore during our stay at Ambassador Hotel. Which Honolulu Museums near Oahu Hotels do you recommend if we have limited time?
A: If you only have time to visit one Honolulu Attraction during your stay at Ambassador Hotel, our recommendation would be based on your interests. For history buffs, a visit to Pearl Harbor would be a must. For those who love wildlife, we may recommend Sea Life Park. For more information about Museums near Oahu Hotels, browse our Oahu Visitor’s Guide or ask the Concierge at Ambassador Hotel.

Q: We read that Sea Life Park is a popular Honolulu Attractions near Oahu Hotels. Can you tell us if this Attraction offers the chance to swim with dolphins?
A: Yes! Swimming with the dolphins is an unforgettable Oahu Thing to Do near Oahu Hotels, and Sea Life Park has a variety of dolphin encounters that are sure to be a highlight of your stay at Ambassador Hotel. You don’t even have to know how to swim to enjoy this Honolulu Attraction as some of the encounters take place in a shallow pool.

Q: Oahu Things to Do: Can you recommend an indoor Honolulu Attraction near Oahu Hotels just in case it rains during our stay at Ambassador Hotel?
A: Some of the most popular Honolulu Attractions can be enjoyed no matter the weather! Here are a few Attractions near Oahu Hotels to keep in mind should you need an indoor Activity during your stay at Ambassador Hotel: Waikiki Aquarium, Children’s Discovery Center, Honolulu Museum of Art, Movie Museum or the Pacific Aviation Museum of Pearl Harbor.

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