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Restaurants in Honolulu | Oahu Dining FAQs

Restaurants in Honolulu | Oahu Dining FAQs

You’ll find many Restaurants in Honolulu near Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Oahu Dining.

The fabulous Oahu Dining is one of the best reasons to stay at our Waikiki Hotel. Several Restaurants in Honolulu are within walking distance of Ambassador Hotel, and many more are just a short drive away. Planning a stay at our Waikiki Hotel? Then browse this list of some of the most frequently asked questions about Oahu Dining. You can also Contact Us should you have any additional questions.

Q: How close is your Waikiki Hotel to some of the top Restaurants in Honolulu?
A: Our Waikiki Hotel is very close to some of the top Restaurants in Honolulu. In fact, you can walk from your Guest Room at Ambassador Hotel – An Oahu Hotel to some popular Oahu Dining spots. Whether you want fine French cuisine, a hearty plate lunch or some Japanese favorites, you will find it near our Waikiki Hotel.

Q: We are planning a stay at Ambassador Hotel. Can you recommend some spots for upscale Oahu Dining near Waikiki Hotels?
A: When you stay at Ambassador Hotel – A Waikiki Hotel, you will find that there are many choices to enjoy upscale Oahu Dining nearby. Keep in mind that there are also many Restaurants in Honolulu where you can enjoy a more casual meal, but when you want something very special consider Nobu Waikiki, Le Bistro or Alan Wong’s. These are just a few of the many fine-dining Restaurants in Waikiki. Ask the Concierge at our Waikiki Hotel for even more suggestions. View our Oahu Dining Guide for more information about Restaurants near our Waikiki Hotel.

Q: Oahu Dining: Are there are Restaurants in Honolulu within walking distance of Waikiki Hotels?
A: Yes! Ambassador Hotel is conveniently located within walking distance of popular Attractions, Shopping and Restaurants in Honolulu. Some Guests at our Waikiki Hotel don’t drive at all during their stay, because they find that the selection of Oahu Dining options that are within walking distance is more than enough.

Q: We have booked a room at Ambassador Hotel, and we have heard wonderful things about the Japanese Restaurants in Honolulu. Can you recommend some Oahu Dining spots near Waikiki Hotels where we could enjoy some Japanese cuisine?
A: Guests at our Waikiki Hotel will find that there are Restaurants in Honolulu offering many types of cuisine. Because of the heavy Japanese influence in Oahu, there are many Oahu Dining spots where locals and visitors can enjoy Japanese cuisine. A few of the many popular choices are Iyasume Musubi, Kimukatsu and Marukame Udon.

Q: We’d love to enjoy dining al fresco during our stay at Ambassador Hotel. Can you recommend some Restaurants in Honolulu near Waikiki Hotels with outdoor seating?
A: Because the weather near our Waikiki Hotel is so beautiful throughout the year, many visitors don’t want to be inside when enjoying a meal at Restaurants in Honolulu. Happily, many Oahu Dining spots offer outdoor seating, so you can enjoy the cool breeze and gorgeous Oahu scenery while dining at popular Oahu Restaurants. Some choices for outdoor dining include Le Bistro, Monkeypod Kitchen and Me’s BBQ. Ask the Concierge at our Waikiki Hotel for even more suggestions.

Q: Can you recommend a Restaurant in Honolulu that offers take out? We’d love to enjoy a couple of meals on our private balcony at your Waikiki Hotel.
A: Many of the Restaurants in Honolulu near Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel offer takeout. The popular Hawaiian plate lunches sold at dozens of nearby Restaurants are almost always available to go. Me’s BBQ is one Oahu Dining spot that offers takeout. The prices at Me’s BBQ are great, and many guests enjoy several meals here during their stay at our Oahu Hotel.

Q: We are planning a stay at Ambassador Hotel, and are wondering if you can recommend a spot for Oahu Dining where we can eat like a local.
A: Many of the Restaurants in Honolulu near Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel are popular with both locals and visitors. There is one place to enjoy Shopping and Oahu Dining where you can also chat with locals. Maunakea Marketplace is a place for Shopping and Dining. The Marketplace is home to 400 vendors and a number of food options. This is a favorite place for Guests of our Waikiki Hotel to visit, because they can talk to the vendors and enjoy an authentic taste of Hawaii. Learn more about Maunakea Marketplace.

Q: We will be staying at Ambassador Hotel soon. We like to eat a big breakfast, so you can recommend a Restaurant in Honolulu near Waikiki Hotels that serves a fabulous breakfast?
A: While there are many Restaurants in Honolulu that serve a delicious breakfast, there is one Oahu Dining spot that serves what is considered by many to be the best breakfast on the island. Duke’s Waikiki, a Honolulu Restaurant near Waikiki Hotels, serves lunch and dinner, but their impressive breakfast buffet is not to be missed. The buffet at this Oahu Restaurant is loaded with all the breakfast favorites along with some of Duke Waikiki’s specialty items like their Piña Colada Bread Pudding. Be sure to try this breakfast spot during your next stay at Ambassador Hotel. 

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