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Things to do in Honolulu | Oahu Beaches FAQs

Things to do in Honolulu | Oahu Beaches FAQs

Visiting Oahu Beaches is one of the most popular Things to do in Honolulu. Read some of the most frequently asked questions about our beautiful beaches asked by guests at our Oahu Hotel.

Many people book a Guest Room at our Oahu Hotel for no other reason than to enjoy the glorious Oahu Beaches. Surfing, swimming and paddle boarding are just a few of the Things to Do in Honolulu that take place at the beach. Browse through some of the most frequently asked questions about Oahu Beaches as you’re planning your own stay at our Oahu Hotel. Also, see our current list of impressive Special Offers.

Q: Things to do in Honolulu: Will we find Oahu Beaches within walking distance of Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel?
A: Yes! One of the most famous beaches in the world is located within walking distance of Ambassador Hotel – An Oahu Hotel. The beautiful Waikiki Beach is just a short stroll from our lovely Accommodations in Honolulu. View this Interactive Map to see just how close our Oahu Hotel is to Oahu Beaches.

Q: Which Oahu Beaches are best for enjoying surfing and other popular Things to do in Honolulu?
A: Which Oahu Beach is the best for surfing depends on your skill level. Surfing is one of the most popular Things to do in Honolulu, and the different beaches that provide a spot for surfers of various skills is the reason why. For beginning surfers, Waikiki Beach is a good choice. The waves are gentle, and it’s a perfect place to catch your first wave. Experienced surfers head to the North Shore where Oahu Beaches like Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay serve up huge swells.

Q: Honolulu Things to Do: Do I need to have strong swimming skills to take surfing lessons at an Oahu Beach?
A: No! Some of the companies that offer this Honolulu Thing to Do near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel have options that allow even non-swimmers to learn to surf. They offer lessons in water that is shallow enough to stand in, so even those who can’t swim can learn to catch some waves.

Q: Oahu Beaches: Which beach near Oahu Hotels is the best choice for families?
A: Many Oahu Beaches near Oahu Hotels are perfect for families. Hanauma Bay, Waimea Bay during spring and summer when the waves are gentle, and Ko Olina are a few examples. One of the best family beaches near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel is Waikiki Beach. This beach is just a short walk from our Honolulu Accommodations. The gentle waves make it a great choice for families. You’ll also find lots of popular Things to do in Honolulu at this beach including surf lessons, canoeing and more. Looking for family-friendly Oahu Activities? Here is an articles about 7 Top Things to do with Kids on Oahu.

Q: I’m coming to an Oahu Hotel to enjoy one of the top Things to do in Honolulu: Surfing. I’m an experienced surfer. Which Oahu Beaches would you recommend for me?
A: For experienced surfers there is only one place to go to enjoy this Thing to do in Honolulu: the North Shore. From December through May, these Oahu Beaches offer the biggest waves you’ll find on the Island. Oahu Beaches near Oahu Hotels such as Sunset Beach have huge waves, and they host many pro surfing events throughout the winter and spring. Keep in mind that because of the big waves, these Beaches on Oahu are not a good choice for swimming or for novice surfers.

Q: Can you describe some of the amenities I’ll find on Oahu Beaches near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel?
A: Oahu Beaches differ in their amenities, so we’ll describe the amenities at Waikiki Beach since that beach is just a short walk from our Oahu Hotel. The amenities you’ll find at this Oahu Beach near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel depend on which part of Waikiki Beach that you visit. Some of the amenities you’ll find are lifeguards, cabana rentals and restrooms and changing rooms. You’ll also find amenities that allow you to enjoy some of the most popular Things to do in Honolulu. This includes boat rentals, canoe rentals, surf lessons, beach volleyball and much more.

Q: We want to visit Oahu’s North Shore beaches to watch the surfing competitions. What is the best time to stay at an Oahu Hotel in order to enjoy this Thing to do in Honolulu?
A: If you want see surfing competitions then the best time of year to stay at an Oahu Hotel like Ambassador Hotel is December through May. This is the time of year when the waves at Oahu Beaches are the biggest, and some of the world’s best surfers come to Oahu Hotels to take part in the many competitions that take place here. Watching these competitions is a popular Thing to do in Honolulu, so be sure to book your room at our Oahu Hotel well in advance.

Q: Things to do in Honolulu: Besides surfing, what other Activities are available at Oahu Beaches near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel
A: Oahu Beaches near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel offer the chance to enjoy many popular Things to do in Honolulu. Some of the Activities in Honolulu that are available are surfing, swimming, parasailing, boating, fishing, canoeing, sea kayaking, and jet skiing. The list of ways to enjoy the beautiful waters during your stay at Ambassador Hotel is long, and there is something for all ages to enjoy. Ask the Concierge at our Oahu Hotels for recommendations during your next stay at our Honolulu Accommodations near Waikiki Beach. View our Oahu Activities Guide for more information about Things to Do in Honolulu.

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