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Oahu Hotels | Attractions in Waikiki FAQs

Oahu Hotels | Attractions in Waikiki FAQs

Visiting an Oahu Hotel? Read the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions about Attractions in Waikiki and other Oahu Things to Do.

Guests at our Oahu Hotel will find many nearby Attractions in Waikiki. Here are the answers to some of the questions we are asked most about these Attractions and about the many Oahu Things to Do that our guests can enjoy during their stay. For more ideas about can't-miss Honolulu Attractions, view of helpful Oahu Attractions Guide.

Q: Oahu Things to Do: How far from Ambassador Hotel is the Waikiki Aquarium?
A:   Ambassador Hotel – An Oahu Hotel is located less than two miles from the Waikiki Aquarium. This hugely popular Attraction in Waikiki is fun for visitors of all ages. In addition to the exhibits, a number of experiences, such as Meet the Monk Seals, allow visitors to this Attraction to get up close to the marine life. Be sure to add this Oahu Attraction to your itinerary during your next stay at our Oahu Hotel.

Q: Oahu Attractions: What are some of the top Oahu Things to Do located near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel?
A:   Some of the top Oahu Things to Do near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel are surfing, golfing, hiking, and enjoying the many Attractions in Waikiki. One of the best reasons to choose our Oahu Hotel – aside from the great rates – is our convenient location. Ambassador Hotel is located near top Things to do in Oahu, popular Attractions in Waikiki, fabulous dining spots and more.

Q: Honolulu Attractions: We’re staying at Ambassador Hotel and are wondering how far it is to the Children’s Discovery Center and other popular Oahu Things to Do with children 
A:    The Children’s Discovery Center and other Oahu Things to Do with children is less than 10 minutes from our Oahu Hotel. This fun Honolulu Attraction is filled with hands-on exhibits that kids of all ages will love. Other examples of nearby Oahu Attractions for kids are the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium. Both are just a short distance from Ambassador Hotel.

Q: Historical Oahu Attractions: What are some of the historical sites located near Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel?
A:  You will find several historical Oahu Attractions located near Ambassador Hotel - An Oahu Hotel. Pearl Harbor is probably the most well-known, but there are many other historical Attractions near Oahu Hotels such as Iolani Palace, and Hawaii Plantation Village. Hawaii Plantation Village gives visitors of all ages the chance to learn about life on a sugar plantation. When you enjoy this Oahu Thing to Do, you will see replicas of houses, offices and other buildings that would have been found on a working sugar plantation.

Q: We know that some of the best Oahu Things to Do are outdoor activities. What are some of the Attractions in Waikiki near our Oahu Hotel that can be enjoyed while spending time outdoors?
A: The Outdoor Attractions in Waikiki are some of the best reasons to plan a stay at our Oahu Hotel! Guests at Ambassador Hotel can enjoy fun Oahu Things to Do such as hiking Diamond Head Crater, playing golf at one of the world-class golf courses, surfing (or watching) the big waves at Sunset Beach or Waimea Bay, enjoying some deep sea fishing or just relaxing on the soft sandy shores of Waikiki Beach. Here is an interesting article about the Top 10 Activities on Oahu.

Q: Attractions in Waikiki: What are some of the popular museums located near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel?
A:   Some of the popular Museums located near Ambassador Hotel are the Pacific Aviation Museum, the Bishop Museum, the Honolulu Museum of Art, Hawaii Plantation Village, Iolani Palace and the Hawaii State Art Museum. Visiting these Attractions in Hawaii near Oahu Hotels are a wonderful way to learn about the art, culture and history of Hawaii.

Q: Attractions in Waikiki: Is Pearl Harbor located near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel? Is this Oahu Thing to Do appropriate for small children?
 A: Yes! Children love this Attraction in Waikiki. Located near Oahu Hotels, Pearl Harbor is a place to remember those who died during the attacks that took place in 1941. While younger children might not understand this, they will be thrilled with the chance to crawl inside a gun turret, lounge on a bunk inside one of the ship’s berthing compartments and peek through the telescope. Older children who visit Pearl Harbor will learn about the events of 1941. For children of all ages, this Attraction in Waikiki is a good choice.

Q: Oahu Things to Do: It’s our first stay at an Oahu Hotel. What are some of the Attractions in Waikiki that we can’t miss?
A:   There are so many! Guests at our Oahu Hotel will find a long list of Attractions in Waikiki located a short distance from the Hotel. In addition to the nearby Oahu Things to Do like swimming, hiking, golfing and surfing, you will also find can’t-miss Attractions such as the Honolulu Zoo, the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Dole Plantation, Pearl Harbor and the Waikiki Aquarium.

Q:  We are very interested in participating in a whale watch during our stay at Ambassador Hotel. What is the best time of year for enjoying this Oahu Thing to Do?
A: December through May is the best time of year to enjoy this Oahu Thing to Do. Guests at Ambassador Hotel – An Oahu Hotel who visit during this time are able to see massive humpback whales frolicking off the coast. The whales are just one example of the Attractions in Waikiki that are found in nature rather than the type that are built by man. Add this fun Honolulu Activity to your itinerary during your Winter or Spring stay at our Oahu Hotel. Our Oahu Visitors Guide contains a profile about Whale Watch Excursions where you can find more information about this pouplar Activity.

Q: We know that the beaches are some of the top Attractions in Waikiki and beyond. We’d love to watch some great surfing during our stay at Ambassador Hotel. Which beaches near our Oahu Hotel are best for watching surfing?
A: Choosing the best beaches for surfing near Oahu Hotels depends on your skill level. For beginners, White Plains Beach and Waikiki Canoes are two great options. For experienced surfers, nothing beats the Oahu beaches on the North Shore. These beaches are Oahu Attractions not just for the surfers who can catch the massive waves, but for the guests at Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotels who go to watch the surfers and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Planning a visit to our Oahu Hotel? Browse our current list of Special Offers.

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