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Ambassador Hotel - Site Map

Site Map for Ambassador Hotel Waikiki - An Oahu Hotel.

The Ambassador Hotel Home Page:
Welcome to Ambassador Hotel - A Waikiki Hotel, where our ideal Waikiki location meets exceptional value for Oahu Hotels.  You'll enjoy contemporary comfort at our Waikiki Hotel, the perfect choice for your Hawaii Vacations, Romantic Hawaii Getaways or last-minute tropical escapes. Click Here to learn more about our Waikiki Hotel Home Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Guest Rooms & Suites:
Choose Ambassador Hotel for the ideal Oahu Hotel that combines a great location, affordability and spacious Hawaii Accommodations. Click here to learn more about our Oahu Hotel Rooms on our Guest Rooms & Suites Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Special Offers:
Visiting Hawaii?  Choose Ambassador Hotel - A Waikiki Hotel offering the best in affordability and ideal location - close to many Waikiki Attractions & Honolulu Activities and Things to do on Oahu. Click here for more about our Waikiki Hotel Offers on our Special Offers Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Photo Tour:
Waikiki is one of the most photographed cities in all the world.  Beautiful, sunny, exciting, tropical...all are words to describe the visuals that make up one of the most beautiful cities in all the world. View photos of our Waikiki Hotel and Hawaii on our Photo Tour Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Oahu Visitors Guide:
Whether you're visiting Oahu for the first time or if you're a seasoned visitor to Hawaii, soon after choosing your Oahu Hotel, you want to know about the many 'Things to do on Oahu'. Click here for more about Things to do on Oahu on our Oahu Visitors Guide Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Oahu Activities:
Our Oahu Activities Guide offers a great list of recommendations for some of the best Oahu Activities and Things to do in Waikiki during your visit to Oahu. Click here for info on our Oahu Activities Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Oahu Attractions:
Our Oahu Attractions Guide provides you with a list of recommendations for some of the best Oahu Attractions and Things to do in Waikiki during your visit to Oahu. Click here for info on our Oahu Attractions Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Oahu Shopping Guide:
Our Waikiki Shopping Guide offers a brief list of recommendations for some of the best, most unique Waikiki Shopping opportunities.  From fashionable Waikiki Boutiques to distinguished department store destinations, Duty Free Shopping to vintage Hawaii Shops and much more. Click here for our Waikiki Shopping Guide Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Oahu Events Guide:
 Click here for more on Oahu Events and Oahu Trade Shows on our Events Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Oahu Restaurant Guide:
Our Waikiki Restaurant Guide offers a brief list of recommendations for some of the best, most memorable Waikiki Restaurants for you to enjoy on your visit to Oahu.  Click here for our Waikiki Restaurant Guide Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Hawaii Travel Articles:
We have provided you with a collection of interesting and informative Hawaii Travel Articles to help you make the most of your next visit to Oahu! Click here for more about our Hawaii Travel Articles Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Location:
Discover our ideal Waikiki Hotel location - close to many Waikiki Beach, Waikiki Activities and all Things to do on Oahu. Click here to see a map of our ideally located Waikiki Hotel on our Location Page.

The Ambassador Hotel Contact:
Located on the heart of Waikiki, the Ambassador Hotel - A Waikiki Hotel, offers the ultimate in affordable Hawaii Accommodations and ideal Honolulu Hotel location. Click here to use the contact information on any of our Web Pages to contact us.

The Ambassador Hotel Privacy Policy:
For the full version of our Privacy Policy for Ambassaor Hotel Website, click here.

Choose Ambassador Hotel, located in the heart of Waikiki and close to many Oahu Activities, Oahu Things to do and more. Check Rates, Make Reservations or call toll free: 855-513-4392.

Take a Photo Tour of our Oahu Hotel and Waikiki Things to Do.

Visit our Oahu Visitor's Guide and learn more about; Oahu Activities, Oahu Events, Honolulu Shopping and Waikiki Restaurants.

Visit our Oahu Travel Articles to read interesting Hawaii Travel Articles and Oahu Travel News.